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Lawn Specialist was established way back in 1978. Unlike a lot of Lawn treatment companies who employ people with little or no experience, I can tell you that I have been doing this for over 40 years.

I don’t come round and get on my hands and knees and give you a page long list of weeds and anything else other`s try to sell you. I will turn up, have a look at the lawn and in less than a minute will say, "Okay you have a family lawn, this is what you need!" 

I can tell you if your blades on your mower need sharpening, and if you have a cylinder mower I can and will check the blades and make sure it`s cutting right.

If the conditions are not right I won’t treat your lawn. If we are having a hot spell, I would recommend and put down a liquid fertiliser rather than a granule one.  If the conditions are right, I will scarify or aerate your lawn or anything else that maybe need doing or required anytime you like.

Here you will find a wealth of information regarding sensible lawn treatment care as well as learn about our services and how we can help you make your lawn look healthy, free of worm casts and visually spectacular.


Lawn Specialist is a small family run business with no aspiration to be a world beater or super corporate with franchises everywhere. We provide the ultimate service and attention to detail to maintain your lawn to the highest standard.


Our wealth of expertise and skill is second to none. Our MD Michael Lashley is still on the go, treating lawns today as if they were his own or the cricket square at Lords where he learnt the art, over a 10 year period, of lawn care and ensuring every Test Match or County game was played on perfection.


If you are interested in getting your lawn up to scratch and wish for a personal visit from Michael to determine what needs to be done, then please call us on telephone no 0800 019 4849 or use our Contact Us page or why not have a look at our Green Fingers & Thumb Tips page where we explain a few more things about lawns.


Should you choose to use our Lawn Treatment services, following the evaluation, we will not charge you for the evaluation. Either way, if you need expert advice, Lawn Specialist is here to help you.



Environmental Statement Lawn Specialist - May 2012

The Lawn Specialist is committed to utilising environmentally favourable solutions when available. As an example, to treat worm casts, I use CastClear, an organic treatment that prevents the casts but does not harm the worms.

I work on the Leave No Trace principle and recycle valuable reusable materials, and compost organic waste materials when ever possible. To reduce my Carbon Footprint, I always try to schedule my jobs in a way that all clients in a specific area are visited on the same day.


All stationary purchased for the day to day running of the business is recycled and after use, shredded and recycled again.

Michael Lashley
Lawn Specialist


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