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CastClear. The Home of CastClear

The home of CastClear – Organic Lawn Treatment for Worm Casts

Worms and Casts.

This is the season for worms to play havoc with your lawn creating worm casts.

Now for the first time, you can stop worm casts organically and easily. Do It Yourself.

Nobody likes to see worm casts on our lawns, but we like having worms in our gardens and soil because they do an awful lot of good.


However, balancing these two facts has, up to now, been very difficult due to the fact that all lawn treatments to get rid of worm casts has been by use of nasty chemicals that kill worms.

The Solution for Lawn Worm Casts is CastClear

CastClear is the only available organic solution to help stop worm casts.

CastClear works by creating an organic layer in the lawn that worms don’t like to penetrate. As a result of this, the worms don’t surface and are not harmed and neither is your lawn.

You have to be wary though, even if you can’t see the worm population in your garden, they are there and almost overnight they could seriously damage your lawn.

A one litre bottle of CastClear should last you the whole season for an average sized lawn.

CastClear comes in 1 litre plastic bottles
First treatment to cover 100 sqm – 200 ml per 2.5 litres
Second treatment approx 10-20 days later only 20 ml per 2.5 litres
Subsequent treaments the same as the Second treatment
Helps to deter moles

CastClear is a brand new deveolpment in the preventative industry and is organically manufactured in the UK under very stringent rules in accordance to EU Regulations. Recent changes in EU Regulations has banned the use of chemicals that kill off the worms and their population in agriculture.

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£29.99 ~ 1 litre bottle

£15.00 ~ 500ml bottle.