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CastClear Worm Casts

You have come to the right place for treating Worm Casts. We are the complete worm cast company to help you.

Now and through to Spring is when Worms are most active.

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Worm casts on the lawn smother fine leafed grasses and produce ideal conditions in which weed seeds can grow.

Dormant weed seeds buried deep in the soil are brought to the surface in these tiny mounds of soil which need sorting as soon as they are detected.
When they appear scatter them with a brush before mowing and remove the clippings by using a grass box.
If necessary, your lawn maintenance programme should include the use of a worm killer. Apply this in a warm, showery period in autumn, just after the lawn has been cut.

There are also more pest you will find in your garden and we at the Lawn Specialist will be happy to advise you on what treatment is best to help you rid of any unwanted pest.


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