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Disease Treatment

Common Lawn Turf Diseases

There are many Turf Diseases that you could find on your lawn and need to be treated with a Fungicide, the most common ones that you will find on your lawn I have listed below.


Also known as Snow Mould this can be spotted by Small, dark Brown patches of dead grass, Becoming straw and pale coloured as the disease progresses.



This is a very common disease and can be identified by pink and reddish needles on tip of grass blade.


Thatch Fungi

This Turf Disease is easy to spot as it shows more on lawns. The grass can appear green but also turn yellow. Patterns are also formed in the lawn most common ones are complete rings or straight lines and irregular lies.

All these disease can be controlled with a course of fungicide treatment.

If you are concerned any of the above, or maybe you don't know what you have, then please make contact to sort out the problem.


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