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Green Fingers and Thumbs Lawn Tips

So what does it mean to have  "Green Fingers & Thumbs"

Some people do say that having a green thumb means that a person has a natural ability for growing plants, grass, trees or just about anything, very well. The very same can be attributed to those known to have green fingers.

Here at the lawn specialist we believe in helping you help your own lawn and making your own thumb greener, get used to your own green thumb way of doing things.

Below are a few handy tips for your lawn and get your green fingers going.

Worm Casts

We all know what a worn cast is, but it's damn hard to stop them appearing because we don't want worms to stop working, read more on worm casts

Watering your lawn the green fingers & thumbs way:

Did you know that too much water on your lawn can cause more damage then good.

Grass is a very strong plant and go can go without water for some time, it may look brown but it s still alive.

Too much watering can encourage more weed growth and also disrupt the soil pattern underneath taking away vital nutrients for the plant and at the same time encourages Moss growth as well, this is not good.

With the autumns getting warmer it can also courage Leatherjackets the larva of the Daddy long-legs, these grubs can destroy a whole lawn overnight and thrive on damp conditions.

So if you have sprinklers on your borders try and keep them of the lawn, the green thumb way is to water your lawn once a week which will be enough to keep it healthy and also save water!

Has your lawn been burnt with fertiliser or do you have dead or bare patches on your lawn?
I ve lost how many times that I have turned up to repair lawns and just seen grass seed scattered on the top of the lawn.
This is good food the birds, also have you though how that seed is going to have to fight its way into the ground to get a good root growth, if it rains, its washed away.

Basic lawn renovation the green fingers & thumbs way:

Rake of all the dead grass area so you have a bare surface, with a fork scar the surface of the soil so you have a depth of about 10/15millimeters, push the loose soil to one side and scatter some seed on the open earth.

Cover the seed with the loam and lightly dampen with a watering can. With the seed covered it will safe from any birds, it will also germinate quicker and the roots will have a good start and be stronger.

Dry patches on lawn, grass not growing:

This could be a sign of dry patch.
Basically what happens is that a waxy substance build up under the lawn in the soil, this stops water getting to the roots of the grass.

A cheap way to combat this, and I would only recommend it on small areas or patches, is to use Washing up liquid, just a thimble in a watering can will be enough, to much and you can damage your lawn.
Before you do this it would also help if you forked over the area with a hand fork, the deeper the better for the dedicated green finger and thumb club.

Then lightly go over the area with the watering can given an even spread over the patches, this will help break up the wax the same was as washing up liquid breaks down grease on pans. This will then able the water to get through to the roots of the grass.

Cylinder Mowers:

If you cut your lawn with a cylinder mower it is important that you check your blades are cutting at least once a week, you will be surprise how much they will wear down, if there not cutting they will be pulling the grass out instead of cutting it causing more damage and stress to the grass. If you do not know how to adjust the blades ask your local repair shop. A blunt blade can damage your lawn.

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