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Lawn Aeration

Like every living thing, grass needs air and water to grow and thrive. Simple lawn maintenance can make all the difference.

During the summer months in particular, lawns suffer from continual use - be that children, sports, or BBQs - these all combine to cause surface compaction. Lawn maintenance is crucial to prevent damage.

This compaction impedes drainage and it is harder for air, water and fertiliser to penetrate into the roots.

As such, lawn aeration during the Spring and Autumn, helps allow the soil temperature to rise more quickly and the surface to literally 'breathe'.


Unlike other Lawn Treatment Companies,we can Aerate your lawn whenever we feel it is suitable rather then tellyou it cant be done until the Autumn.

Good lawn maintenance requires very simple aeration by driving a fork into the lawn at regular intervals. For a small lawn this can be done simply by hand, or there are many implements for sale in garden centres that can do the job for you on larger areas.


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