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Lawn Treatment for Worm Casts

You can organically treat your lawn to stop or prevent worm casts on your lawn.

What you need to know is that worms are not actually damaging your lawn, they’re really doing a great job for you to aerate the soil through their motion thus improving soil structure.

However, worms produce worm casts which are small piles of digested earth and are rather unsightly as well as slippery.


Another byproduct of Worm casts is that they act as seedbeds for weeds and enhance weed growth purely by their action pulling down seed material from the surface.


Worms are loved by birds and animals, many of which are quite undesirable such as moles and you definitely don’t need them on your lawn, but birds also leave droppings and can damage the surface turf through pecking for worms.


There is an answer and it’s organic:

CastClear has been developed to organically prevent worms from surfacing and ruining your lawn.

More importantly, CastClear does not kill worms, it just asks them to move away and that we all like because the worms carry on doing all their good underground.


You can buy CastClear here on this site and a 1 Litre bottle will cover 500 sqm of lawn or turf.


At only £29.99 for this coverage CastClear represents great value and will probably last the average gardener a whole season, Autumn to Spring when worms are their most active.

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£29.99 ~ 1 litre bottle

£15.00 ~ 500ml bottle.