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Lawn Worm Casts

First of all worms do not eat dirt, but they do make casts (poo) which are not pretty to look at on your lawn. Worms eat bacteria, fungi and they love organic matter such as plants, fruit, compost heaps of cut grass, potato peelings and decaying animals, if you have any.


Worms are essential in gardens because they keep the soil soft and full of nutrients which are good for your plants. If you have earthworms in your garden, it is sign of healthy ground.

Worms or Earthworms, are an important part of British natural history because they add air to the soil and make it richer in nutrients.


Earthworms are fantastic for your soil. Worms speed up decomposition by consuming lots of dead plant material. When they’re burrowing away, they aerate the soil and let water through easily, which worms also like. The Worm casts (faeces) are rich in recycled plant nutrients that help to maintain soil fertility.


Whilst many exotic species have been accidentally introduced, these are generally restricted to commercial greenhouses and botanical gardens.


At least 25 native species of earthworm live in the British Isles and we need to protect them.

What’s happened is that many professional garden and agricultural treatment companies have just chucked down chemicals that kill our worms.


This has now changed and EU Regulations have banned the use of Chemicals on agricultural land and soon will be banning chemicals for domestic use. Of course we domestic people cannot use the chemicals anyway because we’re not licensed to, but anyone you may have called in to stop worm casts on your lawn would have used chemicals to kill the worms.


There’s a new worm friendly organic method available to all gardeners throughout the Uk and Europe. CastClear is the answer and has been developed here in the UK. Indeed the manufacturers are desperately trying to cope with the demand since it’s introduction.


You can buy CastClear here on this site and a 1 Litre bottle will cover 500 sqm of lawn or turf.


At only £29.99 (inc P&P) for this coverage CastClear represents great value and will probably last the average gardener a whole season, Autumn to Spring when worms are their most active.

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£29.99 ~ 1 litre bottle

£15.00 ~ 500ml bottle.