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Please find listed below some useful resources for your perusal.
The links are to Companies we find of particular interest, but not
all are neccessarily to do with lawn services. Enjoy.


First of all, look at our own Green Thumb Tips


To find more about lawns on the BBC web site click the link just below:
BBC Lawns Advice


Some more good advice on the BBC website.
Lawn Specialist recomends the BBC for more lawn care advice


Lawn drought is another problem we have in the UK, please visit the
Royak Horticultural Society web site to read more on this....
RHS web site for more on Lawn Drought click here..


Lawns are helped by the worm population to retain nutrients and aerate the undersurface of the lawn.Stop Lawn Worm Casts on your Lawn Although worm casts are not pretty to look at, until now the only way was to kill the worms and we don't like doing this. CastClear is the only organic product available that prevents worms surfacing and making their mess, but Castclear does not kill worms. To buy direct, click the link Lawn Treatment for Worm Casts


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