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Top Dressing of a Lawn

There are a number of ways to top dress a lawn. My personal preference is the method I learnt whilst working at Lords Cricket Ground, a method both they and I still use today.


Most gardeners tend to throw seed down regardless of the grass type or type of lawn. This is not very effective for the reasons outlined below.


First of all I prepare the area by mowing the grass short. Then using what we call a Sorrel (a roller with hundreds of spikes, each about 10cm long) the whole lawn area is aerated. This gives the top dressing two advantages.


Firstly more warm air will get to the seeds and they will germinate quicker.
Secondly, the seeds will not have to fight their way through the existing lawn plus the roots, and so the grass, will be stronger.


Once this is all prepared then I put down two strings to assist will the levelling of the ground. Then with a landscape rake the lawn is top dressed and levelled off at the same time.


Depending on the time of year, the seed will germinate in 10/14 days.
Between the end of March and September are the best times to carry out this procedure.


As all lawns are different the actual detailed treatment could only be advised once I have assessed its current condition.


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