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Lawn Weeds A Problem For You Too?


A weed is any plant that grows where it is not wanted. Even the very best kept lawns are going to be susceptible to weed seeds blown in by the wind, deposited by birds, animals and pets, and on the soles of shoes.


Thick turf helps prevent weeds by giving them less room for a foothold. Mowing the correct height also helps as grass blades shade the soil from the warmth of the sun and prevent the seeds from germinating. The control of weeds is an ongoing process. It may take several applications to eradicate some existing weeds.


Control is achieved through the application of herbicides, which are absorbed into the weeds primarily through their leaves. This process is most effective when the weed is actively growing - which is the ideal time for control.


Once fully absorbed, weeds curl and discolour before dying. Broadleaf weed control only works on weeds that have sprouted and are actively growing at the time of treatment. Because weed seeds are always falling on your lawn (wind, birds, etc) regular treatments are required.


Weed control treatments do not affect healthy grass plants. However, weed control should not be applied to newly seeded grass for at least 6 months.


Weed control products need time to be fully absorbed so watering should be avoided for 2 hours after treatment. Mowing should also be delayed for at least 1 day - and 2 days whenever possible.


There are no products that will totally eliminate weeds from a living, growing lawn immediately or forever. Nevertheless, working together with you to build up your lawn and control the weeds, The Lawn Specialist will give you the kind of turf you will always enjoy coming home to.


Please note: Children and pets should be kept off grass treated with herbicide until the grass is completely dry.

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