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Worm Casts on your Lawn

A Worm cast can look terribly unsightly on your lawn.It could also cause many problems such as,spoiling the surface of your lawn, mowing problems, provide ideal germination sites for weeds. Just because you don't see worms, they're ready and willing to mess up your turf.

Now through Spring, Worms are Most Active As well as this, they encourage turf diseases and a high population of worms will also attract Moles, which could do more damage then good, so worm casts need treating carefully.

Stop Worm Casts Now

By using various products which we are Licenced to use, we can reduce the worm casts activity on or near the surface.

To do this, we apply a systemic treatment that will ease the egg population of the worm and also reduce their feeding with plant litter and "thatch" becoming repellent to the worms which will stop them feeding on the treated areas. Worm Casts disappear.

The Lawn Specialist here use treaments to stop lawn worm casts and it's works great.

Results vary from lawn to lawn,a large will need more treatments as it will have more worms,up to three,maybe four a year. A small lawn could be just the one treatment but could also need another one further in the year depending on the weather and conditions.

As all lawns are different, the actual detailed treatment could only be advised once I have assessed its current condition.

Why not give me a call to discuss your requirements, or use the Contact Us page.

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